About Holly

My 15 year career as a holistic practitioner has been deeply influenced by my upbringing on a medicinal herb farm in a community of spiritual and loving people.  From early on I was exposed to alternative, natural healing techniques while grounded in careful observation.  This interest has blossomed into my career path as a registered nurse and my extensive training and practice with CranioSacral therapy, myofascial release, therapeutic touch and private therapy.  I take an integrated approach to health and vitality, and have acquired a wide range of knowledge and experience in the field, including working in a hospital setting, that informs my practice.  The therapy I give addresses many levels at once: structural, energetic, emotional, and spiritual.  I bring humor, an open heart and sincere attention to each session.

As a mom, I know how important it is to be supported in the choices you make for yourself and your family.  I provide compassionate care and guidance around breastfeeding and postpartum mom and baby concerns.  As a nurse, I look at the whole picture of your health, find a path we can walk on together, and refer to other competent resources in our community as needed.   For the last year I have developed, directed and supervised the Bay Area CranioSacral Children’s Collective.  With a team of devoted colleagues, the Collective has given more than 120 free CST sessions to precrawling babies in our free infant clinic.

Skills that I offer in my practice:

Craniosacral therapy, myofascial release, therapuetic touch, child and infant CST protocols, lactation education, heart centered dialog techniques, hospice care, inpatient hospital care and private craniosacral therapy. Many of my clients present with challenges which benefit from mouth and facial work.  I often treat children for plagiocephaly, torticollis, difficult breastfeeding, birth trauma developmental delay, sports injuries, and head injuries.

My professional associations and memberships include the following:  National Association of Nurse Massage Therapists, Sigma Theta Tau, Nursing Honors Sorority. IKYTA, International Kundalini Yoga Teacher’s Association. IAHP, International Association of Healthcare Practitioners, CranioSacral Children’s Collective, Teleosis Green Health Care Association, Diamond Light Massage School, Evergreen Lactation Education – Certified Lactation Educator


Articles & Books Written

An article published in the Bay Area Homebirth Collectives newsletter on CST.



What’s Different About Holly’s Approach


Many alternative, natural therapies appear foreign to those of us used to “western medicine.” Holly’s years of experience as a registered nurse give her a common vocabulary for, and understanding of, common pains and traumas. Holly understands anatomy and assesses your condition much like a doctor would do in a hospital. She is familiar with diagnosis and medicines provided by your physician and will use this information in her assessment.

By integrating observations with deep listening to the CranioSacral rhythm, Holly creates a safe and nurturing environment for healing pain and releasing tension. Holly’s style embraces the understanding that when you touch the body, you also touch the heart and spirit.