CST for Children

CranioSacral is a gentle hands on healing modality that is guided by the flow of the cerebrospinal fluid, the liquid that surrounds the brain and spinal cord. Just like blood, it circulates continuously and can be sensed as a pulsation in well trained hands. Where the body has limited motion, the pulsation is lessened and gives us a map of where to work. Therapists encourage mobility, circulation and nerve conduction with very light touch to help fine tune your baby’s perfect little body. Some babies come into the world with big stories that need to be listened to. We allow them to share these with us, give them permission to express and unfold, creating a greater sense of well being. Many parents seek out CranioSacral Therapy for breastfeeding, sleep, and developmental issues, traumatic births, colic or digestive concerns, torticollis, or cranial malformation. Many families find that babies that receive the work sleep better, breastfeed and digest more efficiently, and can be generally happier.

A Note About Tongue Ties

Frequently the topic of tongue tie comes into my work especially with babies and breastfeeding difficulties.  Please review this article for an excellent summary of important tongue tie literacy for parents and practitioners.