NEW!  Now accepting patients at the Preventative Medical Center of Marin for family care, primary care needs, craniosacral and lactation services.


I am a constant listener and learner of the human body. Through a wholistic approach I treat many challenges to wellness including headaches, trauma, acute injury, chronic pain and emotional disturbances. My focus is on depression, TMJ disorder and structural misalignment. Having also studied with the Milne Insitute’s Dr. Benjamin Shield, I see clients of all ages from prenatal to end of life.

My Skills

Craniosacral therapy, myofascial release, therapuetic touch, child and infant CST protocols, heart centered dialouge techniques, hospice care, inpatient hospital care and private craniosacral therapy. Many of my clients present with challenges which benefit from mouth and facial work.

A Recent Testimonial

Holly I am sure you hear many a mom sing your praises, but yesterday’s session helped ME as much as it did her. Incorporating the other mouth stretches to give her less “mouth trauma” (I.e. Mom trauma) was a game changer. She is a lot more open to me doing anything inside her mouth (including giving her medicine with that handy dandy trick of yours!). I think I was trying to get the painful stretches over and done with too fast and forgot how beneficial the other ones still are. Long story short, THANK YOU. Looking forward to our next session.